Znaj.by includes several products for the educational process: Znaj Diary, Znaj Journal, Znaj Website, Znaj Tests, Znaj Manager, Znaj Schedule and Znaj Payments. All the products includes a complete list of the required functionality and allow users make education interactive and easy.

Client: Znaj.by

Category: Mobile App

Date: On-going

The application is an analogue of a printed diary and class register. It allows to put school marks, record the topic of the lesson and homework. The service is useful for teachers, parents and pupils. It switches the educational system to the digital space and improves the efficiency of teachers’ work and whole educational system in the country.



Meets all the necessary requirements of MIAC. Has a conformity certificate of OAC. All data and software are stored on beCloud servers.


15 – 20% of performance due to the exact homework submitted by the teacher. Teachers have 15 – 20% more personal free time due to automatic reporting generation. Unexplained absences decreased by 80-90%.


Personal data security is provided according to the requirements of the Ministry of education. Mandatory use of data encryption. Providing data confidentiality from third parties. Use of security measures in the development of services.