Velcom Paperless Office is a web application designed by Bamboo Agile for the Wacom DTU 1141 interactive pen display. The solution was commissioned by Velcom, a formerly major local TSP, and was intended to streamline electronic document signing and management.

Client: Velcom

Category: Web Design

Date: April 2018

By now, electronic paperwork has become broadly accepted as a more convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to paper documentation. Following this trend, Velcom decided to digitise the process of signing, processing, and storing documents with an effective e-docs application. So, the team of Bamboo Agile was hired to design a secure and easy-to-navigate web app that would be compatible with Wacom DTU 1141 interactive pen displays.



Bamboo Agile developed web interfaces that synchronised in real time with integrative web design linking Android devices with the progressive web app. Next, the team ensured smooth integration with LDAP Web Services and Velcom’s Oracle database, carrying out diligent unit, API performance, and manual testing.

The end product ended up being equally secure and easy to operate, with varying feature sets for Dealers, Administrators, and Customers. These included reading, signing, managing, sending, and editing e-docs; storing e-signatures and viewing lists of system users.


Velcom was able to deploy the internal e-doc system designed by Bamboo Agile within only a couple of months, which allowed the company to significantly speed up its workflow and consequently boost customer satisfaction.