In 2019, Bamboo Agile was ordered to make a telehealth platform for mobile and web. The solution would have to be secure, HIPAA-compliant, and provide immediate access to a variety of healthcare services: primary and preventive care, mental health, chronic disease management, and others.

Client: NDA

Category: Web Design, Mobile App

Date: May 2020 (MVP)

Sometimes every minute counts, and our client wanted to create an application that would allow patients to quickly contact healthcare professionals without the need to risk wasting hours in traffic or the waiting room. We had to develop a telehealth platform that would give its users access to a wide range of remote healthcare services, including online consultations, receiving diagnoses, medicine prescriptions, and much more.



The client team has researched the most common complaints patients and doctors had about the management process in healthcare. We’ve decided to address those issues with a convenient telehealth app that would help doctors and patients stay in touch regardless of location.

The app supports two types of accounts: one for patients, the other – for medical professionals, and the features differ accordingly. Among other things, the software allows its users to book and carry out doctor appointments, manage health records, order medication and medical test deliveries, and synchronise with HealthKit and GoogleFit.


We have designed a secure telehealth solution that made healthcare more accessible to all patients by connecting them to a variety of trusted healthcare professionals and medical services. The solution has successfully achieved the goal of providing instantaneous care for people with limited mobility and limited time, as well as streamlining the management process for the medical personnel.