A1 hired Bamboo Agile to create a simple multiplatform solution that would act as a regularly updated catalogue of all the taxi services available in the country.

Client: A1

Category: Mobile App

Date: June 2015

We were hired by A1 to develop a multiplatform application that would provide its users with a complete catalogue of all the taxi services in the country, which would update on a weekly basis. The main aim of the project was to drive Telecom user interaction.



We crafted the backend of the app in Node.JS, and built the frontend in Angular using the MySQL database; most of the mobile development was done with the Cocos2d-x framework with the help of the MySQL database. The developers of Bamboo Agile integrated a base of short dial numbers for all the taxi services in the country, organising them in an easy-to-navigate catalogue that would be updated every week.


The resulting app boasted incredible performance on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone alike, allowing users quick access to taxi services nationwide. Soon after its launch, the application became the number three most popular app in the local App Store’s Travel category.