We have developed a web application for Bamboo Group’s mobile marketing agency which primarily helps create and launch targeted advertising campaigns via SMS, Viber, e-mail, and push notifications.

Client: Bamboo Group

Category: Web Design

Date: Active Development

Bamboo Agile needed to create a web solution that would be accessible via the mobilemarketing.by website and give users the ability to conduct automated multi-channel mailout-based campaigns. The tool would also provide access to account balance data and the number and type of messages sent, as well as auto-generate multiple types of reports.



Our team developed and implemented a new Dispatch Sending Daemon into the solution. We also ensured that the platform smoothly integrated with a variety of messaging channels, adding integrations with the MNP and HLR API, the Telegram messenger, and SuperMag Loya – a loyalty management system.

Aside from the features mentioned prior, Bamboo Agile added the ability to manage subscriber bases (including the ability to create subscriber blacklists), view customer responses to the messages, and order SMS packages. That functionality may expand even further, as the team plans to continue the platform’s development and tech support in the foreseeable future.


The platform we designed was smoothly implemented into the marketing agency’s website, allowing paid users to send automated mailouts to large subscriber bases. As of today, the system can effectively function as an enterprise SMS service or a web-to-SMS service thanks to its ability to order SMS packages.

The web app serves as a great tool for retail and many other types of businesses that want to keep their customers updated with newsletters, sales notifications, and so on. We continue to upgrade the solution with more efficient algorithms and features to ensure it stays relevant and easy to use.