Bamboo Agile designed an advanced EdTech solution for easier tracking and management of the education process. The software is available on web and mobile, and is primarily targeted at parents and educators, letting the users control and monitor schedules, teacher’s notes, grades, and attendance.

Client: N/A

Category: Web Design, Mobile App

Date: October 2016

School OS is a Bamboo Agile original project, meaning that the team had to carry out all the necessary research by themselves. Our vision was a simple, yet robust solution that would facilitate parent-teacher communication and let parents stay up to date on all the school-related events in their children’s lives.



Our development process started with making a powerful backend. We used a MySQL database for general data storage and the Redis storage for cached data and user sessions. The software was integrated with payment systems and FCM, and the system’s stability was ensured through extensive manual and performance testing.

Lots of work was done to create a superior web experience with such features as: slow internet connection support, offline mode, different user roles, and others. We also added functionality for easier global use, such as the ability to send SMS in different countries and localisation support.

Additionally, Bamboo Agile implemented a unique AI-based feature that would analyse a student’s performance and provide informed suggestions on how to improve it.


We have designed and launched a feature-rich application that streamlines education management and monitoring for school administrators, teachers, and their students’ parents. The software boosts communication between educators and guardians and provides a variety of features that greatly enhance the process of both in-person and digital education.

The unique AI student performance analysis feature is an especially valuable addition to the software’s core functionality, as it allows parents and students to figure out what can be done to improve their educational outcomes based on factual information.