We were hired to design an e-Commerce app for a unique clothing brand that incorporated NFC chip functionality into its business model. The company and its products represented a new age of eco-friendly high-tech apparel, and that’s what the software needed to reflect.

Client: Pangaia

Category: Web Design, Mobile App

Date: January 2019

What makes Pangaia stand out is that every item sold features an NFC chip. Bamboo Agile had to create a high-quality online store and a mobile app that would support NFC scanning functionality. The choice of the base shopping platform was up to the team, with the client’s main requirements being efficiency and sustainability.



We decided that the most efficient tool for the job would be Shopify GraphQL API. It served as a great foundation for a usable and gorgeous website, that would simultaneously possess the core functionality required. With it, we created a deeply customised site and app design that was then integrated with the vendor’s NFC system.


Bamboo Agile created a Shopify-based web and mobile solution that perfectly matched the client’s requirements in terms of functionality and aesthetics, with NFC chip technology being smoothly integrated with the other design elements of the app.