This is customBamboo Agile created an online clothing store that allows its customers to rent luxury attire for affordable prices while having all the typical features of a standard e-Commerce solution. The Shopify-based store is available internationally and can be accessed via web or mobile.
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Client: NDA

Category: Web Design, Mobile App

Date: March 2020

It happens all too often: a person buys an expensive piece of clothing, wears it a couple of times, and then it’s left to gather dust inside their closet. Of course, fancy stuff like tuxedos, evening gowns, and wedding dresses can be rented. But what about more casual apparel?

Bamboo Agile was asked to design a beautiful online platform that would simultaneously serve as a luxury fashion store and as a rental service. The main challenge was in creating a multi-brand environment that could gracefully combine both of these elements while keeping the web and mobile apps attractive, efficient, and user-friendly.



Our developers decided to use Shopify as the base for the solution, as it provided most of the necessary functional and aesthetic capabilities to bring the client’s idea to life. But not all could be done with Shopify presets: after laying down the store’s groundwork, we wrote the platform’s rental features in Node.js, which were then smoothly integrated into the base functionality.

The platform’s primary base of operation is Kuwait, but Bamboo Agile implemented smart worldwide shipping into the app, which automatically calculated the price of delivery and the approximate time of arrival after the customer entered their address. Another unique feature the team implemented was the marketplace where customers could put up their own items for sale or rent. Finally, the convenient instant purchase feature allowed to further streamline the sales process by allowing customers to quickly buy items without the need to create a personal account.

After the product’s security and usability across its web, Android, and iOS versions was ensured, the team delivered the solution to the client.


Bamboo Agile has successfully designed an online shopping platform that encapsulated all the qualities the client wanted to see: elegance, security, and reliability. The unique rental functionality was smoothly integrated across all platforms, with the team harnessing the power of Shopify, Node.js. SwiftUI, and Kotlin.

Gorgeous evening attire, casualwear, sportswear, and lounge-style apparel – the store offers a variety of clothing for both rent and purchase. In addition, the platform presents a beautiful array of accessories, jewellery, as well as premium skincare and beauty products for customers to buy.