iqoob is a United States construction company with a focus on providing fast, affordable, and comfortable housing. The team of Bamboo Agile was tasked with designing a functional and attractive website for the brand.

Client: iqoob

Category: Web Design

Date: January 2020

The main challenge of the project was to create a design that would accurately represent the client company. We needed to carry out extensive research to know exactly what iqoob wanted their online catalogue to look like. Furthermore, we had to decide which platform would be best suited for building a web solution that was meant to be equally efficient and pleasing to the eye.



Our team decided that Shopify would serve as a great base for the iqoob website. The platform’s rich array of features and visual themes would be more than sufficient to meet all of the goals set out in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Our years of experience with Shopify also ensured that we could harness the platform’s advantages to the fullest.


We have created a simple and elegant website that perfectly captures the company’s straightforward yet high-tech nature. The online store is intuitive, informative, and visually pleasing, serving as an accurate reflection of everything that the iqoob real estate business stands for – comfort and accessibility.