We were tasked with modernising a cloud-based application that streamlines HR management for companies located in Europe and the GCC. Our mission was to enhance the existing features and develop new ones, all the while boosting the app’s performance on all platforms.

Client: NDA

Category: Web Design, Mobile App

Date: February 2020

The Bamboo Agile team was faced with the task of improving the software’s functionality, performance, and usability as a whole. Since we were already given a list of the features that needed to be implemented, the biggest challenge for us wasn’t the research or the development process itself, but planning the workflow in a way that would ensure quality delivery within the agreed on deadlines.



The team has enhanced the application’s backend and carried out a complete migration of the software’s database from a monolith to microservices, making it much easier to scale and manage in the long run.

All of the client’s requirements have been fulfilled with flying colours: the processes of issuing administrative tasks, managing documents, onboarding, leaves, and employee benefits have been polished to perfection.

Moreover, we’ve successfully implemented a number of brand new features, including:

  • automatic payment calculation;
  • auto-generated reports;
  • Applicant tracking;
  • expenses tracking;
  • leave policy calibration;
  • different types of salary;
  • localization;
  • and more.


In spite of the size and complexity of the project, Bamboo Agile has managed to successfully achieve what it set out to do: enhance the HR software on all fronts, making it more feature-rich, scalable, reliable, and easy to use. In essence, it became everything a modern HR management platform should be – and we’ll continue to improve it with even more features and system enhancements in the future.