Bamboo Agile has designed an educational platform that aims to revolutionise the learning process for students and educators alike. The e-School app allows users to have greater control of the educational process by allowing them to view homework assignments, due dates, schedules, grades, and so on.

Client: Third-party platform

Category: Web Design, Mobile App

Date: March 2016

The client tasked Bamboo Agile with creating a nationwide e-School management solution for mobile, one which would allow students, parents, and teachers to have easier access to all the relevant data, thus staying more organised and informed about the educational process.



Our team created a mobile application that seamlessly integrated with the client’s third-party platform, bringing digital education to mobile. The integration made managing, tracking, and reporting the key school data fast and effortless nationwide, giving its users the ability to check the curriculum wherever and whenever they wanted.


The app has been adopted by a large number of schools across the country, with students, parents, and educators gaining unparalleled control and up-to-date knowledge on all the educational happenings – a far more efficient alternative to a physical diary and word of mouth.