Bamboo Agile was tasked with designing an app that focused on competitive sports predictions and social interaction, with features like leaderboards and social media integrations.

Client: DuelBet

Category: Mobile App

Date: June 2016

DuelBet is an interactive entertainment provider that hired Bamboo Agile to create a multi-platform mobile application. Aside from incorporating the aforementioned social features (leaderboards and SM integration), the solution required complex game design implementation and SDK integrations with the Big Data and Stats Analytics platform. The additional challenge lied in us having to consistently communicate with a third-party team responsible for the future solution’s UI.



The Agile approach allowed us to deliver a large number of features over a short period of time, with the project taking only 3 months to complete. The UI designed by the third-party team had to be adapted to various platforms and screen sizes, which we pulled off smoothly.

As far as the app itself went, we used the Cocos2d-x framework to build the solution and hosted its reliable backend on Amazon Web Services. Then, the process of testing was sped up thanks to us developing a unique algorithm that simulated gameplay on backend servers.


DuelBet has successfully launched on iOS and Android, becoming the first social prediction mobile game of its kind. It tracks game scores in real time and allows players to compete with their friends by placing bets with virtual points. They can monitor and share their progress on social media, as well as always know when new matches begin thanks to optional Push notifications.